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Tips for Carpet Cleaning Dallas Commercial and Residential Carpets

Homeowners as well as businesses choose carpet as a main flooring choice for many rooms within their homes and buildings. Carpeting provides many advantages; it is soft and comfortable to walk and rest on, it warms a home by adding color and texture, and it’s typically much less expensive to replace when compared to other flooring choices. While carpet had its advantages, it carries a well-known list of disadvantages as well.

Like many families throughout the country, families in Dallas are very busy going in and out of the house many times throughout the day. As we walk in our homes we bring in all sorts of carpet staining dirt and grime, and when we’re busy with life it’s hard to stop and tackle the stains. The professional Dallas carpet cleaning performed by Cleaning Kings can take care of all your spills, stains, and spots. But, in between your professional carpet cleaning services there are methods to keeping up with your carpet to help it look better and last longer.

The first line of defense to protecting the carpet in your Dallas home is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming continuously pulls the daily grime, dirt, and dust particles that collect and damage carpet fibers. Vacuuming also helps reduce the visibility of regular track marks made from high-traffic areas throughout your home. In an active home, especially a home with pets, it is recommended to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week and up to every other day.

When the vacuum doesn’t seem to get those soiled dirt spots up, we grab the carpet cleaner spray and start scrubbing. To keep up with your carpet between Cleaning Kings’ professional carpet cleaning service, spot carpet cleaning in Dallas homes is key to maintaining its color, texture, and décor value. Before you hit the store to pick out your carpet cleaning products, be sure to check and follow the carpet cleaning guidelines based off your carpet manufacturer. Not all carpet is the same; some are made with different materials or manufactured differently, which requires certain cleaning solutions, steps, and methods. If you don’t know your carpet manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines, take these steps to test the cleaner on your carpet prior to using it on the rest of your home:

  1. Locate an inconspicuous area or spot, such as inside a closet or corner then vacuum it.
  2. Moisten a cloth with the carpet cleaner solution or stain remover you chose to try.
  3. Rest the cloth on the carpet for about one hour. Then blot (do not scrub) the wet carpet with a dry white cloth.
  4. If the white cloth is stained with dyes from the carpet, that cleaner is not appropriate for the carpet. Try a different type of carpet cleaning product until you find the one that does not cause the carpet dye to bleed.
  5. If after multiple attempts with different cleaners are unsuccessful, consult the Dallas carpet cleaning experts at Cleaning Kings.

Even if you have a carpet cleaning solution and method that removes the stains and soiled spots, it is still recommended by most carpet manufacturers to have a professional carpet cleaning about once per year. The professionals at Cleaning Kings perform the carpet cleaning Dallas area residents and businesses prefer. We use the Hot Water Extraction Method, which is known to be the most effective way to clean your carpet and is recommended by most top carpet manufacturers. If the carpet in your home or business has spots and stains you can’t remove or it’s been over a year since you have had a professional cleaning, Cleaning Kings is here for you and all your cleaning services in Dallas.

For questions or to schedule a cleaning appointment, contact us today at (469) 865-7194. We look forward to helping you and all your cleaning needs.


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