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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dallas

With its durability, functionality, and style, it’s obvious why tile flooring continues to be a favored flooring choice for Dallas area residents and businesses. Tile and other solid flooring materials like stone, granite, and marble are utilized for more than just kitchens and bathrooms; they all have become popular options for rooms all over homes and businesses throughout Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With its versatile styling capabilities, tile can create the exact ambiance you desire, and being made from natural materials like ceramic, stone, granite, or marble, tile is environmentally savvy as well. With proper care and cleaning, tile can last the entire lifetime of a home or commercial dwelling. As a proud contributor to tile cleaning, Dallas’ own Cleaning Kings are experts in tile and grout cleaning and care.

While many do-it-yourself grout cleaners that can be purchased at local stores promise satisfying results, they typically contain wax and other chemicals that can permanently destroy tile and stone flooring. Like many surfaces around your home or office, tile flooring and the grout surrounding and securing it seems to get darker and less vibrant after years of continuous use. Even after a few years your tile may still look brand new, but quickly the grout will absorb germs, dirt, and soils that will inevitably cause fading and discoloration. Before you go to the supermarket or even the hardware store, consider how long you want your tile or stone flooring to last.

The Dallas tile and grout cleaning experts at Cleaning Kings use state of the art steam cleaning equipment, which is safe on tile, stone, and other hard flooring surfaces. The steam cleaning process removes the built up dirt and grime that has discolored your flooring. Unlike harsh chemicals in the over-the-counter cleaners, the steam cleaning process will not damage your flooring surfaces; instead it will bring your tile back to life in its original clean color. To protect your clean Dallas tile flooring, our qualified experts will apply a clear sealant to you flooring to protect it from future stains and discoloration. To rejuvenate and protect your home or business’ flooring, trust the Dallas tile and grout cleaning experts at Cleaning Kings.


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