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Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Proper care of your home’s flooring surfaces is not the same all across the board; carpet requires a lot of cleaning and steps to prevent or clean stains, tile flooring is usually easy to clean until the grout starts to get dirty, and hardwood floor cleaning and care takes specific steps to maintain its beauty and longevity. No matter if you have solid oak, lightly stained pine, or the recently popular bamboo hardwood floors, there are many do’s and don’ts for properly cleaning and caring for your wood floor surfaces.

Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning Do’s:

  • Always wipe up spills immediately
  • Use a gentle vacuum, broom, or dust mop on your hardwood floors at least one time per week, and for higher traffic areas, sweep them more often.
  • Use doormats at entrances to collect dirt and grime from outside to prevent it from being tracked in the house.
  • Place area rugs/mats made of breathable material that doesn’t hold moisture at high traffic spots and in front of sinks and toilets.
  • Keep house pets’ nails/claws trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Apply cloth sliders underneath furniture to prevent surface damage and scratches.
  • Replace any hard or narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers.
  • Maintain your home’s humidity level between 35% and 55%.
  • Prevent fading of your hardwood floors by eliminating direct sunlight.

Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning Don’ts:

  • Don’t allow water or any liquid to sit on your wood flooring for any length of time.
  • Don’t walk across your wood floors with damaging shoes like heels, spike heels, or any shoes with rough or sharp bottoms.
  • Don’t allow furniture with small metal tips or hard domes to rest directly onto your floor’s surface.
  • Don’t use rubber, plastic, or foam backed floor mats; they trap moisture and can warp or discolor your floor.
  • Don’t use a vacuum with beater bars or hard heads when cleaning your hardwood floors.
  • Do not use products with ammonia, bleach, acrylic finishes, wax based formulas, polish soaps, detergents, oil soaps, abrasive soaps, or acidic formulas for hardwood floor cleaning.


Even though you take the steps to properly care and maintain your hard wood floors, eventually as wood floors age, dirt will still get trapped deep in the pores that regular vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping can’t get cleaned. Also, over the years of heavy traffic, pets’ sharp nails, kids’ toys, and moving furniture will cause surface scratches and other damage. Dallas hardwood floor cleaning from Cleaning Kings can renew your home’s wood flooring; we use the latest technology in wood floor cleaning and care to refinish, repair, and restore the hardwood surfaces in your home. So before you head out and start searching for wood floor cleaners that promise unrealistic results, start shopping for an expensive hardwood floor cleaning machine, or start pricing out an expensive wood floor replacement project, let the Dallas hardwood floor cleaning experts come out to your home for a consultation and go over all of your options.

Contact Cleaning Kings at (469) 865-7194 today and schedule an in-home estimate for your hardwood floor cleaning needs.


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