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Cleaning Service-Frisco Carpet Cleaning

Home to the popular Dr. Pepper Arena and Dr. Pepper Ballpark, IKEA furniture store where you can buy anything from cutlery to comforters, and Stonebriar Centre that grows in stores and shoppers each year, Frisco, Texas is a rapidly growing North Texas city in the DFW area that attracts new residents and businesses of all types. Named after being a major stop on the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway, Frisco has grown over 400 percent in population over the last two decades and its economic growth contributes an exceptional amount to the overall growth of the DFW area with many notable companies like Equifax, T-Mobile USA, and many more. Like any growing city, Frisco cleaning services that provide its residents and businesses expert services is a must have to continue healthy growth for the entire community.

Expert Frisco Carpet Cleaning Service

From berber to plush to textured, carpet of all types is a popular flooring choice for homeowners and businesses throughout Frisco, TX. While it may be warm, welcoming, and comfortable, carpet is the hardest to keep clean. With Cleaning Kings carpet cleaning, Frisco residents and business owners no longer have to worry about their carpet stains and spots. At Cleaning Kings, we provide a high-efficient carpet cleaning technique that is far more superior than most carpet cleaning companies in the area. Also known as the “Truck Mounted” cleaning method, our experts will use the Hot Water Extraction Method for carpet cleaning in Frisco; this method, which is suggested by many of the top leading carpet manufacturers, effectively raises away a lot of the set-in spots and stains in your carpet and removes contaminates that have settled deep within the fibers. Using this method is also much healthier for your home and business and is more environmentally safe as well, because we do not use high levels of solvents or abrasive products. We are certain you will agree that having your Frisco carpet cleaning performed by Cleaning Kings is the best you have ever had, we will provide a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Tile and Grout Cleaning-Frisco, TX

Due to its never ending options like material, size, texture, pattern, color, and finish, tile flooring, including granite and other natural stone, is a flooring choice many residents and businesses choose for many different rooms. Whether it is for the entryway of an office building, kitchen and bathroom floors, or throughout the entire house or office, tile and grout cleaning in Frisco is important to keep the luster and shine of the flooring surfaces. Over time and without proper cleaning, the grout surrounding the tiles can become discolored due to the slow absorption of dirt and soils, but Cleaning Kings, your Frisco cleaning company, employs tile and grout cleaning experts that use state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment. They can come to your home or business in Frisco to perform this cleaning method which will remove the built up dirt and grime that causes unsightly darkening and discoloration of the grout. Once the tile and grout cleaning is complete and your floors are looking brand-new again, they will apply a clear sealant to protect the grout and preserve its renewed beauty.

No matter if you have five rooms, a whole house, or multiple offices that need professional cleaning services, Cleaning Kings can cater to all the needs for residential and commercial cleaning in Frisco. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Cleaning Kings is proud to provide our full range of Frisco cleaning services:


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