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Dallas Carpet Cleaning-Carpet Buying Tips

Dallas and the entire DFW area including Garland, Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, and ever where in between are growing with new businesses, new homes, and updating existing properties. When you’re updating or building your brand-new property, there are many decisions to be made from paint colors to brands of appliances to types of flooring, but each of these decisions require further, more specific decisions. As your Dallas carpet cleaning experts, Cleaning Kings has some carpet buying tips to help you make those difficult decisions when you choose carpet flooring for your home or office.

First, it is important to get familiar with the different carpet terms so you understand the differences of all the available products.

  • Carpet Fiber is the material itself. Individual fibers are spun together to create a ply of yarn, which is typically available in two-ply, three-ply, or four-ply and is attached to the woven backing.
  • Pile refers to the height of the fiber.
  • Density is the measure of how close the strands of fiber are packed together (the higher the density, the stronger the carpet).
  • Carpet weight is measured by ounces per square yard. Face weight of the carpet refers to the amount of fiber on the surface of the carpet. Total weight refers to the weight of the backing and latex.
  • Texture, which comes from the style in which fibers are looped/ twisted/ cut, and determines the look and feel of the carpet as well as plays a large role in its durability.

The carpet fibers are manufactured from either natural materials or synthetic materials. The most common natural material used is wool, and common synthetic materials consist of nylon, olenfin (polypropylene), polyester, and acrylic. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to comfort, style, maintenance, and longevity. When it comes to providing Dallas carpet cleaning service, over the years we have discovered which carpet material types are best for keeping clean and maintaining for a long life of many years of use.

Wool carpet fiber material is often found in rugs, while it does provide a rich, deep look and is very durable and stain resistant, but it is typically very expensive over synthetic materials. As for the synthetic carpet fiber materials, they are all great for resisting stains and reducing your need for regular carpet cleaning in Dallas, but some have other benefits that will help you choose the best fit for your home. Nylon is very strong and durable and non-allergenic, but some may pill and be prone to static. Olefin is highly resistant to moisture, mildew, staining, shedding and water damage, but can flatten and easily fade in direct sunlight. Polyester does provide a wider selection of textures and colors, but is not as durable as nylon and is susceptible to pilling and shedding. Finally, acrylic, which is the closest to wool of any of the synthetics and is resistant to soil, static, moths, and mildew and is very easy to clean, but it is mainly used for commercial use and not typically preferred for residential flooring.

No matter the type of carpet material you decide for the flooring in your home or office, just remember that Cleaning Kings has your back for all of your Dallas carpet cleaning and care needs.


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