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Fall Cleaning Tips from your Dallas Cleaning Company

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and the cleaning list is starting to get longer. Throughout North Texas including Dallas, cleaning during the fall season could require a lot tasks for majority of homeowners in the area. Especially during the fall and winter months, we are inside much of the time and we use our homes more and close them up tight by shutting the windows and doors to keep out the cold. When we do this to protect ourselves indoors to stay warm, we end up trapping in dirt, dust, pollen and mold that many of us are allergic to and can cause us to get sick. So before you close up the whole house and lock all the late summer and fall dust and allergens in, make sure your home receives a thorough cleaning with our fall cleaning tips.

Before you overwhelm yourself with a long list of cleaning to-do’s it’s best to start with the fall cleaning tips best for eliminating the dirt, pollen and bugs before winter.

  • Carpet Cleaning – No matter if your entire home is covered in carpet flooring or just a few rooms, carpet fibers and padding trap in a lot of dirt, dust and debris, so give your carpets a thorough vacuuming and be sure to move furniture out of the way and vacuum under those areas as well. If it has been more than a few months since your last professional cleaning, let you Dallas carpet cleaning experts come in and take care of the rest.
  • Bedding – Your bedding is another area of your living space that collects a lot of dust and particles as well as bugs, so freshen them up with a good cleaning; it is best to wash bed sheets and blankets with hot water at 130 degrees or higher to completely kill bacteria and dust mites, and during the winter continue this same routine every week.
  • Window Blinds and Curtains – One location for dust to pile up that we often overlook is our blinds and other window treatments. Clean the dust off blinds with the vacuum hose attachment and moist towel. If possible, wash your curtains in the laundry or take them to a cleaner if needed.
  • Pet Cleaning – Whether you have a house full of animals or just one for you all to love, household pets can be a bit much to handle. Especially if you or your loved ones have pet allergies, bathing your animals often is the best way to reduce dander. Since animals carry a lot in from the outdoors, a weekly bath is best and at minimum every few weeks.
  • Bath and Kitchen – The areas throughout your home that water usage is the highest are very important to give a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. In places like sinks and showers where water is running often and doesn’t dry that quickly, the moisture builds up and allows mold to grow, especially in small cracks and under other surfaces. Disinfecting these areas with mold fighting cleaners can ensure a clean home throughout the fall and winter.

With the temperatures getting cooler and cooler, it’s time to get the germs out before you trap them in. Follow these fall cleaning tips from Cleaning Kings as you start to winterize your home. If you need any help around your home or it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning in Dallas, contact us anytime!


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