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Dallas Carpet Cleaning-Pet Stain Tips

Throughout North Texas, especially Dallas, many of us are proud pet owners, and the majority of our little rascals are indoor pets. We do what we can to make sure they are well taken care of, from grooming to keeping their teeth clean, making sure they are eating quality food to providing good training and healthy exercise, but no matter how well we try to take care of them, accidents do happen! Although you just let them outside to do their business, the minute they come in and you turn your back, you pet decides your brand-new carpet is the…


Cleaning Service in Plano

Home to many corporate headquarters for many well-known companies, Plano TX has been recently selected as the safest city in America twice by Forbes. This North Texas city is one of the top suburbs of Dallas to live. The constant hustle and bustle of daily business as well as busy families in Plano can rely on the expert commercial and residential cleaning services of Cleaning Kings. Superior Carpet Cleaning in Plano Cleaning Kings provides high-efficient carpeting cleaning to Plano residents and businesses, which is merely the finest in the industry. Known by many as “Truck Mounted”, the Hot Water Extraction…


Carpet Cleaning – What Vacuum Should I Buy?

No matter if you have only two or ten rooms with carpet, a vacuum cleaner is a necessary appliance to have in your Dallas home. Unlike hard surface floors like wood or tile, carpet floors as well as rugs collect dust, dirt, and grime that can’t just be swept up with the push of a broom. Without frequent vacuuming, the debris quickly accumulates all the way to the base of the carpet fibers and eventually to the padding underneath. As dirt and debris builds up in the depths of carpets and rugs, unpleasant odors build up and infuse undesirable smells…


Dallas Cleaning Service

Growing from every angle, especially demographically and economically, Dallas and its many distinct districts continually rank within the top ten largest cities in the United States. With a large number of corporate and commercial buildings as well as thousands of homes and apartments, businesses and residents require professional Dallas cleaning services tailored to their needs and to maintain the beauty of our great city. At Cleaning Kings, our mission is to diagnose client needs, identify the proper cleaning procedure, and execute a cleaning plan within the timeframe based on the client’s requests. From Dallas commercial cleaning to carpet cleaning services,…


Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dallas

With its durability, functionality, and style, it’s obvious why tile flooring continues to be a favored flooring choice for Dallas area residents and businesses. Tile and other solid flooring materials like stone, granite, and marble are utilized for more than just kitchens and bathrooms; they all have become popular options for rooms all over homes and businesses throughout Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With its versatile styling capabilities, tile can create the exact ambiance you desire, and being made from natural materials like ceramic, stone, granite, or marble, tile is environmentally savvy as well. With proper care and…


Richardson Cleaning Service

Being a city that has been ranked multiple times for best places to live, best places to raise kids, and one of the safest cities in Texas, Richardson is home to The University of Texas at Dallas. It is also home to many of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, earning “The Telecom Corridor” nickname. Richardson is home to many businesses and growing families. With the high-traffic of business and family activities, this large North Texas community requires a dedicated cleaning company to keep its homes and businesses sparkling clean. Preferred Carpet Cleaning in Richardson, TX Cleaning Kings provides highly effective…


Tips for Carpet Cleaning Dallas Commercial and Residential Carpets

Homeowners as well as businesses choose carpet as a main flooring choice for many rooms within their homes and buildings. Carpeting provides many advantages; it is soft and comfortable to walk and rest on, it warms a home by adding color and texture, and it’s typically much less expensive to replace when compared to other flooring choices. While carpet had its advantages, it carries a well-known list of disadvantages as well. Like many families throughout the country, families in Dallas are very busy going in and out of the house many times throughout the day. As we walk in our…


Garland Cleaning Service

As a large well established city within the Dallas area, Garland has become one of the most populous cities in the state of Texas. Garland maintains a strong manufacturing base with abundant career opportunities, while being a stable family-based community as well. As a vibrant on-the-go community containing both residential and commercial dwellings, Garland requires a large variety of services to keep up with the high volume of activity throughout its homes and businesses. As your expert Garland cleaning service company, Cleaning Kings provides a variety of cleaning services Garland residents and businesses demand to keep up with the busy…


Spring Cleaning

Every year when the weather starts to heat up one of the first things that always comes to our minds is spring cleaning.  Call our friendly staff today and we will help you get started with that spring cleaning and give your carpets a great new start. We have the proper tools to make sure the job is done right.

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