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Spring Cleaning

It is spring time, time to clean and refresh for the summer. Now is a great time to save on your carpet cleaning, Tile and Grout cleaning, and all your other steam cleaning needs.


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Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning 


Fresh Perk me Up with a Steam Carpet Cleaning at Cleaning Kings

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Fall Cleaning Tips from your Dallas Cleaning Company

The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and the cleaning list is starting to get longer. Throughout North Texas including Dallas, cleaning during the fall season could require a lot tasks for majority of homeowners in the area. Especially during the fall and winter months, we are inside much of the time and we use our homes more and close them up tight by shutting the windows and doors to keep out the cold. When we do this to protect ourselves indoors to stay warm, we end up trapping in dirt, dust, pollen and mold that many of us are allergic to and can cause us to get sick. So before you close up the whole house and lock all the late summer and fall dust and allergens in, make sure your home receives a thorough cleaning with our fall cleaning tips.

Before you overwhelm yourself with a long list of cleaning to-do’s it’s best to start with the fall cleaning tips best for eliminating the dirt, pollen and bugs before winter.

  • Carpet Cleaning – No matter if your entire home is covered in carpet flooring or just a few rooms, carpet fibers and padding trap in a lot of dirt, dust and debris, so give your carpets a thorough vacuuming and be sure to move furniture out of the way and vacuum under those areas as well. If it has been more than a few months since your last professional cleaning, let you Dallas carpet cleaning experts come in and take care of the rest.
  • Bedding – Your bedding is another area of your living space that collects a lot of dust and particles as well as bugs, so freshen them up with a good cleaning; it is best to wash bed sheets and blankets with hot water at 130 degrees or higher to completely kill bacteria and dust mites, and during the winter continue this same routine every week.
  • Window Blinds and Curtains – One location for dust to pile up that we often overlook is our blinds and other window treatments. Clean the dust off blinds with the vacuum hose attachment and moist towel. If possible, wash your curtains in the laundry or take them to a cleaner if needed.
  • Pet Cleaning – Whether you have a house full of animals or just one for you all to love, household pets can be a bit much to handle. Especially if you or your loved ones have pet allergies, bathing your animals often is the best way to reduce dander. Since animals carry a lot in from the outdoors, a weekly bath is best and at minimum every few weeks.
  • Bath and Kitchen – The areas throughout your home that water usage is the highest are very important to give a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. In places like sinks and showers where water is running often and doesn’t dry that quickly, the moisture builds up and allows mold to grow, especially in small cracks and under other surfaces. Disinfecting these areas with mold fighting cleaners can ensure a clean home throughout the fall and winter.

With the temperatures getting cooler and cooler, it’s time to get the germs out before you trap them in. Follow these fall cleaning tips from Cleaning Kings as you start to winterize your home. If you need any help around your home or it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning in Dallas, contact us anytime!


Dallas Carpet Cleaning-Carpet Buying Tips

Dallas and the entire DFW area including Garland, Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, and ever where in between are growing with new businesses, new homes, and updating existing properties. When you’re updating or building your brand-new property, there are many decisions to be made from paint colors to brands of appliances to types of flooring, but each of these decisions require further, more specific decisions. As your Dallas carpet cleaning experts, Cleaning Kings has some carpet buying tips to help you make those difficult decisions when you choose carpet flooring for your home or office.

First, it is important to get familiar with the different carpet terms so you understand the differences of all the available products.

  • Carpet Fiber is the material itself. Individual fibers are spun together to create a ply of yarn, which is typically available in two-ply, three-ply, or four-ply and is attached to the woven backing.
  • Pile refers to the height of the fiber.
  • Density is the measure of how close the strands of fiber are packed together (the higher the density, the stronger the carpet).
  • Carpet weight is measured by ounces per square yard. Face weight of the carpet refers to the amount of fiber on the surface of the carpet. Total weight refers to the weight of the backing and latex.
  • Texture, which comes from the style in which fibers are looped/ twisted/ cut, and determines the look and feel of the carpet as well as plays a large role in its durability.

The carpet fibers are manufactured from either natural materials or synthetic materials. The most common natural material used is wool, and common synthetic materials consist of nylon, olenfin (polypropylene), polyester, and acrylic. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to comfort, style, maintenance, and longevity. When it comes to providing Dallas carpet cleaning service, over the years we have discovered which carpet material types are best for keeping clean and maintaining for a long life of many years of use.

Wool carpet fiber material is often found in rugs, while it does provide a rich, deep look and is very durable and stain resistant, but it is typically very expensive over synthetic materials. As for the synthetic carpet fiber materials, they are all great for resisting stains and reducing your need for regular carpet cleaning in Dallas, but some have other benefits that will help you choose the best fit for your home. Nylon is very strong and durable and non-allergenic, but some may pill and be prone to static. Olefin is highly resistant to moisture, mildew, staining, shedding and water damage, but can flatten and easily fade in direct sunlight. Polyester does provide a wider selection of textures and colors, but is not as durable as nylon and is susceptible to pilling and shedding. Finally, acrylic, which is the closest to wool of any of the synthetics and is resistant to soil, static, moths, and mildew and is very easy to clean, but it is mainly used for commercial use and not typically preferred for residential flooring.

No matter the type of carpet material you decide for the flooring in your home or office, just remember that Cleaning Kings has your back for all of your Dallas carpet cleaning and care needs.


Cleaning Service-Frisco Carpet Cleaning

Home to the popular Dr. Pepper Arena and Dr. Pepper Ballpark, IKEA furniture store where you can buy anything from cutlery to comforters, and Stonebriar Centre that grows in stores and shoppers each year, Frisco, Texas is a rapidly growing North Texas city in the DFW area that attracts new residents and businesses of all types. Named after being a major stop on the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway, Frisco has grown over 400 percent in population over the last two decades and its economic growth contributes an exceptional amount to the overall growth of the DFW area with many notable companies like Equifax, T-Mobile USA, and many more. Like any growing city, Frisco cleaning services that provide its residents and businesses expert services is a must have to continue healthy growth for the entire community.

Expert Frisco Carpet Cleaning Service

From berber to plush to textured, carpet of all types is a popular flooring choice for homeowners and businesses throughout Frisco, TX. While it may be warm, welcoming, and comfortable, carpet is the hardest to keep clean. With Cleaning Kings carpet cleaning, Frisco residents and business owners no longer have to worry about their carpet stains and spots. At Cleaning Kings, we provide a high-efficient carpet cleaning technique that is far more superior than most carpet cleaning companies in the area. Also known as the “Truck Mounted” cleaning method, our experts will use the Hot Water Extraction Method for carpet cleaning in Frisco; this method, which is suggested by many of the top leading carpet manufacturers, effectively raises away a lot of the set-in spots and stains in your carpet and removes contaminates that have settled deep within the fibers. Using this method is also much healthier for your home and business and is more environmentally safe as well, because we do not use high levels of solvents or abrasive products. We are certain you will agree that having your Frisco carpet cleaning performed by Cleaning Kings is the best you have ever had, we will provide a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Tile and Grout Cleaning-Frisco, TX

Due to its never ending options like material, size, texture, pattern, color, and finish, tile flooring, including granite and other natural stone, is a flooring choice many residents and businesses choose for many different rooms. Whether it is for the entryway of an office building, kitchen and bathroom floors, or throughout the entire house or office, tile and grout cleaning in Frisco is important to keep the luster and shine of the flooring surfaces. Over time and without proper cleaning, the grout surrounding the tiles can become discolored due to the slow absorption of dirt and soils, but Cleaning Kings, your Frisco cleaning company, employs tile and grout cleaning experts that use state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment. They can come to your home or business in Frisco to perform this cleaning method which will remove the built up dirt and grime that causes unsightly darkening and discoloration of the grout. Once the tile and grout cleaning is complete and your floors are looking brand-new again, they will apply a clear sealant to protect the grout and preserve its renewed beauty.

No matter if you have five rooms, a whole house, or multiple offices that need professional cleaning services, Cleaning Kings can cater to all the needs for residential and commercial cleaning in Frisco. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Cleaning Kings is proud to provide our full range of Frisco cleaning services:


Dallas Cleaning – How to Clean Patio Furniture

Keeping your home clean doesn’t only refer to your carpet, tile and grout, kitchen, bathroom, or office; it also extends outside of the four walls of your home. As the seasons change, your Dallas cleaning service needs change as well. Like many residents in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we all like to enjoy the great weather North Texas has to offer, which is why many of us have pools, large patios, and decks where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm weather in our favorite lawn chair or patio swing. As the summer months come to an end, it is important that you care for these precious pieces of outdoor furniture by properly cleaning them before storing or covering them during the off season. As part of your Dallas cleaning service, Cleaning Kings has some helpful hints on how to clean patio furniture this season.

How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

After many months of use and all types of weather, your patio furniture cushions are the first part of your outdoor furniture that will show the dirt and wear. First, you’ll want to start with a basic outdoor furniture cleaning solution:

  • 1 teaspoon dish washing detergent
  • 1 quart warm water
  • 1 tablespoon borax

With this cleaning solution, take a clean sponge and soak it in the solution to wash the cushions; you can also put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly on to both sides of the cushions. Once they are saturated, let them sit for about 15 minutes; if there are still any spots or stains, scrub them with the sponge. Then, spray the solution off with the hose using a strong force of water. To let them dry, stand the cushions on their sides out of any direct sunlight. Just as they become completely dry, spray them with a fabric protector to help prevent future spots and stains, especially during off season storage.

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

After cleaning your patio furniture cushions or if you have outdoor furniture that doesn’t have cushions, you’ll need to clean those pieces as well. Depending on the material that it is made of and the color, you will need a different type of cleaning solution.

For white plastic outdoor furniture cleaning, you can make a simple cleaning solution:

  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 3 tablespoons dishwasher detergent (choose one that has a bleach agent that will whiten the surface of the white furniture)

To clean white patio furniture, you will need to use a fresh sponge or soft brush. Once you spray the solution on the furniture, you can then gently brush and scrub the larger and tougher stains to remove them. After spraying and scrubbing, leave the solution on the furniture pieces for a total of 15 minutes, then rinse with the hose and let it dry.

For colored plastic outdoor furniture cleaning, you can use an all-purpose (non-bleach) cleaner and water. Simply spray them down with the solution, scrub the tough stains with a sponge or soft brush, and then rinse the furniture with water from your hose. The same goes for aluminum or metal outdoor furniture; but remember that these materials can scratch, so do not use a brush, use only a soft sponge or cloth.

If you have additional questions about how to clean patio furniture, or you have unique outdoor furniture and are not sure of the types of cleaning solution you should use, do not hesitate to contact your Dallas cleaning company; the experts at Cleaning Kings have the answers to all of your cleaning needs, both indoor and outdoor.


Ten Tips For A Healthy Clean Kitchen In Dallas

For many homeowners and families in the Dallas area, the kitchen is the heart of the home. When the family all gathers for Sunday dinner, they gather in the kitchen; when you have a gathering at your home, all the guests tend to gather in the kitchen where all the delicious snacks and beverages are laid out. Whether you’re keeping up with a busy life by keeping everyone on schedule, you have many gatherings in your home, or both, Dallas kitchen cleaning is important to keep your home, family, and friends safe when gathering. With all the different surfaces from the floor to the counter tops to the tops of cabinets and every place in between, there are many different levels to focus on to keep a healthy clean kitchen in Dallas.

Dallas Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

  1. Always thoroughly wash your hands before preparing any food. Use antibacterial soap, clean water, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  2. When serving hot foods, be sure they reach a temperature greater than 140 degrees F. Any uneaten food should be placed in sealed storage bags or containers as soon as possible and put away in the refrigerator.
  3. Make sure your refrigerator is set at the correct temperature; invest in a thermometer for your fridge to make sure it is set below 39 degrees F.
  4. When storing foods in the refrigerator, be sure to always store meats on the bottom shelves or in drawers in case they leak and store fruits and vegetables on higher shelves. Any of your partially opened foods should be stored in an airtight bag or container.
  5. All of your dry food items need to be stored off the floor and properly sealed to prevent pests and rodents from trying to get to them.
  6. Keep food items in the original container they came in until you open it, then to prevent spoilage and to save money store them in containers in the pantry, cabinets, or refrigerator; follow the directions on the packaging on proper storage after opening an item.
  7. When preparing foods, use separate cutting boards for meats, vegetables, and fruits to prevent cross-contamination, and always wipe the surface area that you’ve used to cut the foods with a disinfectant cleaner.
  8. When cleaning surfaces around your kitchen, be sure you are using a cleaner that is safe for that type of surface; natural stone cleaning, wood surface cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning formulas are all different; to keep your kitchen surfaces like new, you must use the correct solutions on each type of surface.
  9. Keep your dishcloths and sponges clean and dry; they build up germs quickly after each use and as they sit. Disinfect your sponges by rinsing them in a bleach water solution for at least five minutes and then place them in the microwave for one minute or let them fully air dry.
  10. When washing dishes, do not wipe them dry with a washcloth; let them air dry before putting them away to prevent cross-contamination of germs from the towels.

While there are so many steps to take to maintain a healthy clean kitchen in Dallas, you should always be aware of the foods you’re handling, the surfaces you handle them on, and how you clean them. Take time to go over these important clean and healthy kitchen steps with the rest of your family; especially if you have kids that prepare their own snack and meals, make sure they are keeping themselves and the kitchen clean and safe. If it’s time for a deep cleaning of your kitchen or any room of your house, check out all of our Dallas cleaning services; we’d be happy to come out for a free estimate.



Rockwall Cleaning Services

Named after a naturally jointed geological formation that appeared like an artificial wall, Rockwall TX is the county seat of Rockwall County and is a small community within the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. With its historic downtown, popular main street, many city parks, and access to the beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard, Cleaning Kings is proud to provide the City of Rockwall cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. From wood and carpet cleaning to tile and marble cleaning, our Rockwall cleaning experts can help you keep your city clean and cared for.

Carpet Cleaning Rockwall TX

With options like berber or plush, patterned or textured, and formal or casual, carpet flooring provides homeowners with many choices for their floors. Brand new carpeting is not only comfortable to walk or rest on, but it also makes your house feel like a home. Maintaining that new look and feel requires a lot of care beyond just vacuuming regularly. At Cleaning Kings, we provide Rockwall carpet cleaning service that is of higher quality than most cleaning companies in the area. Recommended by nearly all the leading carpet manufactures, we use the Hot Water Extraction Method, which is also known as the “Truck Mounted” method. This method removes contaminants in the carpet and is effective against most spots and stains; once complete, it will leave your carpet safe and clean with no residue left behind because we do not use high levels of solvents or any abrasive products. With the Cleaning Kings’ procedures and equipment used for your carpet cleaning, you will agree that it is the best cleaning you have ever had.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Rockwall

Tile and stone, especially in Texas, has become a popular flooring choice due to its easy maintenance, durability, and endless design options. Whether you have tile, stone, or granite surfaces in your home, you have likely experienced the frustration of getting them fully clean. If your tile has many natural grooves or uneven surfaces, dirt can get trapped and be very hard to remove and clean out. The grout around your tiles is even more complicated to clean. Cleaning Kings provides Rockwall tile and grout cleaning service that can restore your floors luster and shine. Our experts use state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment and a process that removes the tough built up dirt and grime without damaging the tile or stone. To prevent future buildup of dirt, they can also apply a clear sealant to the surface to protect the tile and grout.

Whether you need a Rockwall cleaning company to come and clean the carpet in one room or all the rooms, clean your tile and grout surfaces, clean and restore your wood floors, or help clean all the surfaces in your home or office, Cleaning Kings is here for you. Contact us today at (469) 865-7194 to schedule a consultation appointment.

To meet all of your needs, we provide the following Rockwall cleaning services:


Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Proper care of your home’s flooring surfaces is not the same all across the board; carpet requires a lot of cleaning and steps to prevent or clean stains, tile flooring is usually easy to clean until the grout starts to get dirty, and hardwood floor cleaning and care takes specific steps to maintain its beauty and longevity. No matter if you have solid oak, lightly stained pine, or the recently popular bamboo hardwood floors, there are many do’s and don’ts for properly cleaning and caring for your wood floor surfaces.

Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning Do’s:

  • Always wipe up spills immediately
  • Use a gentle vacuum, broom, or dust mop on your hardwood floors at least one time per week, and for higher traffic areas, sweep them more often.
  • Use doormats at entrances to collect dirt and grime from outside to prevent it from being tracked in the house.
  • Place area rugs/mats made of breathable material that doesn’t hold moisture at high traffic spots and in front of sinks and toilets.
  • Keep house pets’ nails/claws trimmed to prevent scratches.
  • Apply cloth sliders underneath furniture to prevent surface damage and scratches.
  • Replace any hard or narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers.
  • Maintain your home’s humidity level between 35% and 55%.
  • Prevent fading of your hardwood floors by eliminating direct sunlight.

Dallas Hardwood Floor Cleaning Don’ts:

  • Don’t allow water or any liquid to sit on your wood flooring for any length of time.
  • Don’t walk across your wood floors with damaging shoes like heels, spike heels, or any shoes with rough or sharp bottoms.
  • Don’t allow furniture with small metal tips or hard domes to rest directly onto your floor’s surface.
  • Don’t use rubber, plastic, or foam backed floor mats; they trap moisture and can warp or discolor your floor.
  • Don’t use a vacuum with beater bars or hard heads when cleaning your hardwood floors.
  • Do not use products with ammonia, bleach, acrylic finishes, wax based formulas, polish soaps, detergents, oil soaps, abrasive soaps, or acidic formulas for hardwood floor cleaning.


Even though you take the steps to properly care and maintain your hard wood floors, eventually as wood floors age, dirt will still get trapped deep in the pores that regular vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping can’t get cleaned. Also, over the years of heavy traffic, pets’ sharp nails, kids’ toys, and moving furniture will cause surface scratches and other damage. Dallas hardwood floor cleaning from Cleaning Kings can renew your home’s wood flooring; we use the latest technology in wood floor cleaning and care to refinish, repair, and restore the hardwood surfaces in your home. So before you head out and start searching for wood floor cleaners that promise unrealistic results, start shopping for an expensive hardwood floor cleaning machine, or start pricing out an expensive wood floor replacement project, let the Dallas hardwood floor cleaning experts come out to your home for a consultation and go over all of your options.

Contact Cleaning Kings at (469) 865-7194 today and schedule an in-home estimate for your hardwood floor cleaning needs.


Wylie Cleaning Services

Originally named Nickleville after the name of the town’s first store in the early 1870’s, Wylie, TX is a quaint city in the Dallas area that rests on the southwest edge of Lavon Lake and the northwest side of Lake Ray Hubbard. The city offers many city parks, golf courses, a well-known historic downtown, host many popular community events, and well-established residents that are proud to call Wylie their home. With all that this town has to offer the DFW area, Cleaning Kings is proud to provide Wylie cleaning services to its residents and local businesses.

Reliable Wylie Carpet Cleaning

Although carpeting is a flooring option that is more comfortable to walk, sit, and even lie on when compared to hard flooring surfaces like tile and wood, carpet does take a lot more effort to maintain and keep clean. As a professional cleaning company that has years of experience cleaning carpets, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to help keep your carpets as clean as possible before needing to give us a call. First, it is important to vacuum your carpet floors as often as possible; for high traffic areas, it is best to vacuum every other day, and for less traffic areas of your home, it is best to vacuum them about two times per week. Also, when there is a stain on the carpet, do not let it sit; clean up the stain immediately to prevent it from setting in and becoming permanent.

When the time comes to have your carpets cleaned be a professional, Cleaning Kings is ready with our cleaning experts and equipment. The process we use is called the Hot Water Extraction Method, which is also referred to as the “Truck Mounted” method; this method is proven to be the best and most effective way to clean carpets, and is recommended by many of the top carpet manufacturing companies. Our procedure and equipment is more advanced that most companies and will remove built-up contaminates in the carpet and is very effective against most stains and spots. Not only will our method be effective, but it is also environmentally safer and better for your carpets because we do not use high levels of solvents or abrasive products. At Cleaning Kings, the experts in carpet cleaning Wylie TX residents can trust, believes that you will agree that our service is the best you have ever had and we promise that with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Commercial Cleaning Service Wylie, TX

Keeping your office, commercial building, or retail store clean is just as important as keeping your home clean. Cleaning Kings provides commercial cleaning service in Wylie that will help you maintain a professional and healthy work environment. Our services include carpet, tile, upholstery, and other specialty cleaning. At a convenient time for you, we will have a technician meet with you at your business to discuss your commercial cleaning needs and match your company with the best cleaning maintenance plan; we also provide one-time cleaning options too. No matter the type of business or level of cleaning you need, Cleaning Kings is your Wylie commercial cleaning company that believes in providing excellent service at fair and reasonable rates.

Wylie Cleaning Services from Cleaning Kings:


Contact Cleaning Kings today for all of your professional cleaning service needs at 817-729-8372.

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