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Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is performed with the Hot Water Extraction Method, aka “Trucked Mounted”. This is simply the best and most effective way to clean your carpet. Also this method is recommended by most top leading carpet manufacturers.
The procedures and equipment used by Cleaning Kings is far superior then most companies and removes contaminates in the carpet and is effective against most spots. Meanwhile leaving you carpet safe and clean with no residue left behind. The difference between Truck Mounted cleaning and dry cleaning methods is visibly better and environmentally safer. Most of those dry cleaning processes use a much higher level of solvents and abrasive products, which is hard on the carpet and you. We think you will agree that it will be the best carpet cleaning you have ever had and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Call or book an estimate online today to reduce the allergens in your home or business and want to keep your environment as clean and fresh as possible for your family or customers.